Giant Owl Mask with Wings

Masks can be dramatic portraits of spirit beings, departed ancestors, and invisible powers of social control. The owl has significant spiritual importance for many cultures, past and present. Mostly the owl is seen as a bad omen, bringer of illness or worse, probably because the owl was seen as a mysterious night creature. The owls feathers are soft so they make no noise when the owl is in flight and hunting. Owls also have huge eyes that glow, make haunting calls and possess very sharp and deadly-looking talons. Some people believe if you hear an owl's hoot something bad will happen. Poor owl, it's just looking for love and a good meal of rats, mice and other bothersome animals and insects.

Materials to Make Mask

  • preprinted all the pieces (2 wing tips) on card stock paper
  • scotch tape or fast dry paste
  • pair of scissors
  • red, green, yellow and blue color crayons

Bring your own images and supplies with you to entertain kiddies as you travel or while visiting relatives or friends.